HB9DHG WRTC 2022 Referee Nomination

Hello Fulvio, HB9DHG

The organizing committee of WRTC2022 is pleased to inform you that you have been selected to be able to participate at next WRTC in Italy, as REFEREE .
The WRTC2022 will take place from 4 to 10 July 2023, inclusive.

The headquarters will be in the province of Bologna.

The operating sites, will be scattered in the provinces of Bologna, Ravenna, Ferrara and Modena.

The WRTC2022 organizing committee would like to thank you for your application, and we will be happy to welcome you in Bologna.
Referees will be hosted by WRTC2022 Committee for their accommodations and meals (breakfast and dinner). No travel.
The booking procedures and the detailed program of the event will be sent to you as soon as possible.

If you will not be able to participate in the WRTC in July 2023, we ask you to send us an email as soon as possible to referees@wrtc2022.it declaring your resignation.

For any questions please contact referees@wrtc2022.it

Please support WRTC organization here.

Congratulations and thank you for taking part in the WRTC 2023.
We look forward to seeing you in Bologna.
WRTC2022 Organizing Committee

WRTC 2022 Official Referees

Author: HB9DHG

My name is Fulvio, callsign HB9DHG I was first licensed as HB9SLF in 1985 and a year later it became HB9DHG when I upgraded my extra class (CW exams). I operated in many worldwide contests and won some of them. I hold few records in CQWW and CQWW WPX, both in CW and SSB. Operated in many countries, especially 4O0HST, YU/HB9DHG, W100AW/8, IS0/HB9DHG LZ2013HST, HV5PUL, DD1A, HB9STEVE, HB9ON, YU5R, LZ2013HST, HB9FBS, HB9PUE, IR1Y, LY4A, TM0HQ, HB9FAQ, IQ0RU, DA0WRTC (Y87V WRTC Referee) and many others. In 2014 I was the only CW operator to my first DXpedtion to Zanzibar Island with an Italian Team (5I0DX). I'm in the Swiss HST (High Speed Telegraphy) Team, started in Oct.2012 in Beatemberg (SUI). I have been in all HST championships since then and won a Bronze Medal in 2014 in Bar (Montenegro) in the RufzXP Category. In 2018, I won the Silver Medal in Astana (Kazakhstan) in the Morse Runner Category. It is with pleasure that in the same year, I was chosen as one of the 65 official referees at the 2018 WRTC Championships in Germany. More about myself: http://www.hb9dhg.ch http://www.qrz.com/db/hb9dhg

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